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Kimballo's Realm


Hola Amigos!
check it out
contacts etc.

Please keep in touch :)

Think I'll do some missions outside of Theed and go jam in the Cantina on my Kloo Horn. IMPs suck. :) Then I'll get Dematerialized by The Treatment, The Way Another Woman put a Crack in the Sky with Gnarly Buds bought in Mystic Harbors for Little Lisa, under Wrinkled Sunshine for Taylor's Song about a Boogie Monster.

Pietro Annigoni

My world famous painter Italian cousin

My backyard late spring
Kickin' back in the wilderness NW WA
backyard/woods, beautiful day, here.

Don't matter where ya get your appetite, as long as you eat at home :)

Fave Movies - Willow, The new Silver Surfer, Fellini's Casinova, Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Fave bands- The Dead, Yes, Satriani, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Hornsby, Whishbone Ash, The Beatles, Blue Rose, uh, and many more, LOL

Be excellent to eachother

cirque du soleil

Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the plyers.